Anna works for equality and justice without corporate contributions!

More about Anna: 

Anna believes there should be more political power to the people and not the corporations

Illinois has one of the worst election laws for non-established parties out of the whole country!

Equal Ballot Access can help work towards a democracy we all dream about. 


Anna works towards a Public Bank in Illinois

This will help Illinois earn revenue and

be able to offer our small business owners and farmers low-interest rate loans. 


Anna will not compromise on the environment

She believes a 2050 date is too late for the environment. Green energy and jobs are our future,

and the most efficient way needs to start today for a better tomorrow. 


Anna believes in reasonable fiscal solutions

Anna will work towards a funded pension plan, and begin a phase-out of the current unfunded pension plan. 

She also believes that a Fiscal Transaction Tax or another tax could take a little from the most wealthy to fund equitable schools and reduce property taxes. 


Illinois needs someone to help Illinois. 

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