Illinois Budget Solutions

Anna supports the People and Planet First Budget for Illinois, or another similar budget.


People and Planet First Budget

Proposed Revenue

  • $2.5 billion for corporations to pay their fair share/close corporate tax loopholes
  • $9 billion in progressive¬† income taxes for those who make $1 million+
  • $12 billion to tax the trillions of dollars on Chicago markets that are currently not taxed at all.
  • $0 in property tax increases

Proposed Spending:

  • $5 billion to Fully Fund PK-12
  • $4.5 billion for Universal Healthcare
  • $3.5 billion¬† for Green Energy
  • $3 billion for Infrastructure
  • $3 billion to Fully Fund Human Services
  • $2.5 billion to have Free College Tuition
  • $2 billion for Pension Contributions

Total Additional Revenue $23.5 billion

Total Additional Spending: $23.5 billion